Episode 0: The Trademark Girl

I’m Kelley Keller and they call me The Trademark Girl.

I’ve helped businesses protect over a billion dollars of brand value in the United States and across the globe, and now it’s time for me to help you too.

Not a day goes by when I don’t hear .. hey, Kelley, you’re the Trademark Girl, right? Can I pick your brain?

Well, for the first time ever, the answer is YES you can.

In this podcast, I’m sharing my secrets and turning my knowledge and experience from over two decades on the front lines of the legal field into bite-sized, easy to understand, and highly actionable tips, tricks, tools, and takeaways for business owners just like you, so you too can protect and leverage your brand and creative work just like the pros.

I’m your host Kelley Keller, Intellectual Property Attorney, Founder and Owner of a Small Business, and Legal and Business Educator deeply committed to helping you scale your business by making the law work for you … and THIS is The Trademark Girl Podcast. …

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Let’s do this!


You don’t need a full legal education.
When it comes to protecting your business so that you have the confidence to grow.

You just need to know if you’re doing things right.

"Trademark, copyright, or contract?"

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